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Top Five Benefits of Using Mycorrhizal Fungi To Grow Cannabis

Posted by Ari Singer on

Cannabis plants are extremely versatile and will adapt to almost any environment. Indigenous microorganisms and mycorrhizal fungi such as those contained in DYNOMYCO can become a grower’s best friend and help achieve the optimal balance between plant and fungi. Below are the top five advantages of using beneficial microorganisms in your medicinal garden.


The Ultimate Protector

Plant life has existed for hundreds of millions of years. When plants migrated from the oceans onto soil, their evolving root systems enabled them to adapt to life on land. During this process, Mother Nature created a biological ally for plants so sophisticated that it still serves its purpose to this day as the best way to support your indoor or outdoor garden. This ally is mycorrhizal fungi, the active ingredient in DYNOMYCO. 

The mycorrhizal fungi in DYNOMYCO help protect your growing medium and all-important root zone from various types of stress. There are many types of fungi and microbes out there and their roles vary. Foliar sprays can be used to enhance plant response to airborne pathogens such as powdery mildew. For pests such as pesky whiteflies, it is advised to use the Beauveria bassiana fungi, which effectively kills Trialeurodes vaporariorum.


Enhanced Root Zone

When you examine the root zone of any plant that has been treated with DYNOMYCO, you can easily see the evidence of a healthy symbiotic relationship. The increased root mass and the grab it has on soil are clear when compared to plants untreated with mycorrhizal fungi. However, when you look under a microscope the magic becomes clear and you can see an expansion of root mass and efficiency in real time.

The best way to think about the significance of root mass is to imagine how much water your hair holds. The longer your hair, the more mass it has. Greater surface area allows it to hold larger amounts of water. When applying this comparison to plant life, it is clear that a significant increase in plants’ ability to access available nutrients and store water is a massive advantage benefitting growers at any scale. 


Faster Cloning

Whether you are a bedroom grower new to cloning, work in a facility whose business relies on vigorous rooted clones, or even a breeder who works with clones for untold amounts of time, faster cloning rates are a bonus. The standard time to clone is typically around 14 days in a propagator and around 7-10 days with the aid of a bubbler D.W.C. setup.

Using DYNOMYCO has proven extremely advantageous for growers and breeders, many of whom are happy to share with us that they have reduced old cloning records by half. Not only do clones seem to root faster when using a diluted solution with DYNOMYCO to soak your rooting cubes prior to cloning, but when they do grow, they will explode roots from every part of the cube and begin to crawl along the bottom of the propagator tray like living spaghetti. Having a consistent cloning rate and providing the best start early on for the plants will result in bigger, better and fatter plants with the ultimate terpenes.


Reduced Feeding Frequency

Learning to dial in the correct E.C. for a certain cultivar can be hard enough, so any help in the watering department can save both time and money. Mycorrhizal fungi increase root mass, allowing plants to adapt to harsh conditions and endure periods of drought. 

In terms of growing cannabis, this does not mean that after adding mycorrhizal fungi you can cut the watering and feeding schedule to the bare minimum. However, it means you have far more leverage when dealing with hot weather, logistical challenges or an unreliable water source. 


Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming and permaculture offer some of today’s most exciting opportunities. These approaches can offer growers true satisfaction in the knowledge that they are creating something that will stand the test of time. Mycorrhizal fungi sequester carbon and play an important role in healing depleted soil with minerals and nutrients and in delivering them to plants. Mycorrhizal fungi transform your dirt to soil. 

From a business perspective, the long-term benefits of mycorrhizal fungi pay off quickly. When working as a small team at a large scale, reducing your carbon footprint and costs can make a world of difference.

Adding DYNOMYCO to the earth enables all the above benefits to manifest, and independent self-sustaining gardens to form, producing incredible fruits and flowers season after season. In fact, with each passing season, the integrity of the soil food web increases, allowing the garden to be fully sustainable for growing cannabis.


Tips To Remember...

  • Seedlings and clones treated with DYNOMYCO will develop much greater root mass
  • Mycorrhizal fungi boost crop defenses against various types of stress
  • Soaking rooting cubes (jiffy cubes, root riot, EZ plugs, rockwool) in a solution of DYNOMYCO will encourage clones to root faster
  • The root zone of a plant inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi can increase well over 100%
  • Fungi can quickly turn depleted gardens into a lush, sustainable oasis teeming with life

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