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Mycorrhizal Fungi Strains, Cannabis Health and Cultivation Research, and More, with Ari from Dynomyco

Posted by Guy Hyams on

Great friend of the show Ari from Dynomyco returns! Today he is on the program to discuss the role of myccorhizal fungi in soil, the process behind manufacturing Dynomyco, and more! Ari talks about the different strains of myco from around the world, and shares how Dynomyco harvest their in vivo natural myco from a secret source in Israel. Ari discusses all the important functions of myco when it comes to cannabis growing, and how different strains of myco may not apply to a certain garden- thus a variety of species is the optimal way to go. Ari updates us on what the cannabis scene is like in Israel, highlighting the incredible research that has gone on there, as well as a burgeoning cannabis scene among the populous that legislation simply hasn't caught up with yet.

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