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Struggling to Choose the Right Mycorrhizal Inoculant? 7 Tips to Help You Decide

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Spring is in full swing, and you're eager to introduce biologicals to your plants. Among the sustainable options on the shelf, mycorrhiza stands out. You get to the store and face a variety of options. Where to begin?

Let us guide you through the selection process:

1. Price per gram

When comparing products, note the price per gram. This figure is nice to know but doesn’t reveal the potency of each gram. A more accurate assessment will go one step further and consider the concentration per gram.

2. Concentration per unit 

Next, compare the concentration of propagules or spores per gram (or ounce). This figure may vary widely and impact the effectiveness of each product.

3. Mycorrhizal species

Not all mycorrhizal species on the shelf synergize effectively with growers’ plants. For example, DYNOMYCO only uses two powerful strains of endomycorrhiza (not ectomycorrhiza) that are particularly effective at extending root networks when applied at high concentration rates.

4. Application rate and method

Check the application instructions and rate specified on the label. A product with a lower price may require a higher application rate, making it less cost-effective than a pricier with a low application rate. In addition, application methods make a difference. Products tailored to various grower needs – such as granular, or wettable powders for multiple irrigation system types – make it easier for growers to choose the product that best suits their cultivation methods.

5. Price per plant

Packages should specify how many plants the package will treat to understand the cost per plant.

6. Concentration per plant

When you know how many propagules per gram, and how many grams treat each plant, you can calculate the concentration of propagules your plants will receive. Aim for the highest concentration at a reasonable price.

7. Price per 1M propagules and spores

Once you grasp the concentration per gram and the number of propagules delivered, assess the cost per propagule. The "horsepower" of an inoculant is the concentration of propagules per gram. This metric reflects the true value of the inoculant.

At DYNOMYCO, we’ve dedicated a decade to producing highly concentrated, top-quality mycorrhizal inoculants. Follow our guide to find the perfect balance between concentration and price point to ensure the highest quality inputs for your plants.

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