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DYNOMYCO Challenge


How awesome is DYNOMYCO?  

Way better than every other mycorrhizal inoculant out there!

DYNOMYCO is a game-changer, and we want you to experience it for yourself.



Provided in this kit:

  • DYNOMYCO Challenge Stand
  • Four clear cups
  • Four red cups
  • DYNOMYCO sample
  • Plant tags
  • Plant growth log (*Download Here)

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    How to properly run the DYNOMYCO side-by-side challenge?

    The objective of the “DYNOMYCO Challenge” is to grow the plants in the exact same conditions except for a single variable. That single variable is DYNOMYCO.

    • There are four slots for you to grow your plants in: two with DYNOMYCO and two without it.
    • For a comprehensive assessment of root growth, use clear cups inside the red solo cups.
    • You can use another mycorrhizal inoculant to compare to DYNOMYCO in two of the cups. In fact, we encourage and want you to put DYNOMYCO to the test compared to another product, or leave two cups without any mycorrhizal inoculant.
    • You can decide to flower them in the solo cups or transplant them from the solo cups into larger containers.
    • If you do transplant them, be sure to use the plant tags provided in the kit so that you can mark the plants treated with DYNOMYCO.


    Growth cycle

    The following parameters must be identical for all cups:

    • Growing media
    • Fertilizer/nutrients
    • Additives/amendments/beneficials added (if added)
    • Feeding schedule
    • Watering schedule
    • EC/pH levels in feed
    • Vegetation and Flower time
    • Grown under the same light
    • Grown in the same tent
    • If topping, must top all plants equally

    Harvest and post-harvest

    • Harvested on the same day
    • Must keep flowers from the two groups separate and marked with a tag once harvested
    • Identical drying and curing process
    • Jar and cure the two groups separately. Again, with a tag marking the group.
    • Weigh out the flowers separately to observe yield differences

    Log book (*optional)

    Download Here

    We have provided you with a plant growth log book for you to track your plants’ growth. Specifically, you will measure the height and width of each plant. For this, you’ll need a ruler/measuring tape and caliber (if available). If no caliber is available, you can use a string to wrap around the base of the stem and then measure its length with a ruler. 

    This document can be printed or viewed digitally. When working with this document on your desktop, enter the data into the correct column and row.

    The graphs will automatically be filled in once you enter your data points.

    With the help of the log book, you’ll be able to track the bi-weekly average percentage changes in height and width, and gain a deeper understanding of your plants’ growth cycle!

    When to measure:

    • Upon inoculation
    • 15 days post inoculation
    • 30 days post inoculation
    • 45 days post inoculation
    • 75 days post inoculation
    • Harvest Day

    What to look for

    • Increased plant growth
    • Increased root growth
    • Faster plant development
    • Plant size
    • Increased yield

     Send us weekly updates to including:

  • Photo of the DYNOMYCO roots and Non-DYNOMYCO roots
  • Photos of the plants inside the stand

    *As a gift for completing the DYNOMYCO challenge properly, you will receive
    DYNOMYCO swag, products or accessories!





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