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When and How to Inoculate Your Plants

Posted by Guy Hyams on

Mycorrhizal fungi are beneficial fungi that live in symbiosis with plants. In order for this symbiosis to take place, there must be direct contact between plant roots and the fungus. Below are some tips, tricks, and do’s and don’ts for using DYNOMYCO™ premium mycorrhizal inoculants and other mycorrhizal fungi products.

When to inoculate? The short answer is: the earlier, the better. Ideally, inoculate seeds or young clones, in order to capture the entire root right off the bat. Once the fungus inoculates the plant early on, it will grow together with the plant! Mix DYNOMYCO™ into your soil as close to planting time as possible, to minimize the effects of sunlight, humidity and the elements prior to inoculation.

Popping seeds? Make sure to apply DYNOMYCO™ in the soil mix right before those seeds are planted, ideally underneath the seed.

Cloning? If you clone using soil as your preferred medium, simply apply DYNOMYCO™ before placing the clones in the soil. Application rate will depend on the size of the initial pot in which you plant the cuttings – see label for a detailed application rate chart.

If you use Jiffy cubes or Root Riot cubes, you can inoculate upon your first transplant or use DYNOMYCO™ as a dip. Add a little water so that the granules break apart and the consistency becomes clay-like. Dip the cutting in the solution, coating it nicely and then place into the hole.

After the plants have established and you are ready to transplant, you can decide how you want to inoculate next.

Inoculating your media: What TO DO 

The two ideal methods of working with DYNOMYCO™ are either by mixing it in the soil evenly or by placing it directly in the planting hole. Which of these methods you use depends on the amount of seeds/clones or plants you are going to be working with and the equipment that you use.

If you mix your own soil by hand or you have a cement/soil mixer simply add DYNOMYCO™ at the application rate desired for the number of plants and the size of the container they will be going into. If you don’t feel like mixing your soil, or don’t have the equipment or the time, you can add DYNOMYCO™ into the planting hole right before you transplant.

Inoculating your media: What NOT TO DO

Since mycorrhizal fungi are root dwellers that can be killed by sunlight, they MUST be in the soil, not on the top! Application of DYNOMYCO™ (or any other mycorrhizal inoculant) by top feeding is not recommended since the fungi could get killed off by the elements (sunshine, heat, UV rays etc.) Additionally, if applied as a top-dress, the fungi won’t be able to travel down into the roots where they are needed.

Another common mistake in the use of mycorrhizae is brewing the fungi in a compost or microbe tea. While it may seem to make sense to add the fungi to other microbes and brew them together, the mycorrhizal fungi do not respond well to brewing and should be added to soil separately.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that your plants grow to their full potential. Trust us, they will thank you later.

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