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Who We Are

Based on 30 years of scientific research and development, DYNOMYCO® creates the ideal environment for healthier and stronger plants.


DYNOMYCO®, developed in Israel from resilient strains of local mycorrhiza, is backed by 30 years of scientific research at Israel’s Institute for Agricultural Research at the Volcani Center.

Inspired by a mission to shift agricultural practices in favor of easy, sustainable solutions, DYNOMYCO® harnesses the power of biology with technological innovation.

Our product was designed and formulated by a team of biologists, agronomists, and soil and plant scientists, with the aim of helping cultivators support their plants’ full growth potential.

Israel's unique cultivation and research ecosystem allowed the DYNOMYCO® team to test initial formulations on medical cultivars.

DYNOMYCO® enables growers to increase both yields and quality by leveraging the power of fertile soil.

Our Focus On Quality

Our lab will never compromise on quality!

Our state-of-the-art lab has the highest standards of Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA).

We produce all our fungi in-house and will never outsource the production of our inoculants. Each product is screened to verify that it contains the highest concentration of viable spores, hyphae and root fragments (known as a whole-inoculum).

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