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Improve Growth with Premium Mycorrhizal Inoculant

Gardeners are always looking for ways to improve how their plants grow. DYNOMYCO has created the most effective products to enhance growth and production for fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Our premium mycorrhizal inoculants improve nutrients in the soil and give your plants the best chance of success. By adding a soil inoculant to your gardens, you can benefit your plants without the adverse impact of using chemical fertilizers. Our mycorrhizal fungi for sale improve your garden performance naturally, giving you peace of mind about the quality of your produce.

Consider Natural Mycorrhizae for Plants

Some people see fungus as something to be avoided, but when you use mycorrhizae for plants, you will enhance their growth and ensure they produce more. Our mycorrhizal fungi for the soil add essential nutrients you can’t get from other products, allowing your plants to grow and thrive in their environment. Mycorrhizal fungi inoculant aggregates the soil to increase access to water and oxygen for the plant roots. The endomycorrhizal inoculant creates a symbiotic relationship between the fungi and the plant, benefiting both to develop healthy plants. Mycorrhizae for plants is a gardener’s best friend.

DYNOMYCO® Premium Mycorrhizal Inoculants is Based on Over 30 Years Of Scientific Research

DYNOMYCO®, produced and developed in Israel, is based on 30 years of scientific research originating at Israel’s national Volcani Center for Agricultural Research (ARO). Designed and formulated by a team of leading soil and plant experts, DYNOMYCO® aims to help cultivators reach their plants’ full genetic potential.

Use Inoculant for Beans and Peas

Growing beans and peas requires specific nutrients. We produce inoculants for peas and beans to ensure your plants have access to all the essential nutrients for healthy growth. The nutrition offered by your vegetables is affected by the nutrients they can get from the soil. Pea and bean inoculant is designed to provide everything you need to grow nutritious peas and beans for your family. Add the mycorrhizal fungi powder to the soil around your plants and watch them grow. It’s a simple solution to enhance the nutrients in the soil and ensure your plants get enough water and oxygen.

Improve Your Flowers with Mycorrhizal for Roses

Have you struggled to produce beautiful flowers, particularly roses? Rose bushes require specific nutrients to blossom into spectacular flowers that impress you and your neighbors. With mycorrhizal for roses, you can rest assured you’ll get the outcome you want from your rose bushes. This mycorrhizal root powder is simple to apply and absorbs plant nutrients to ensure your rose bush is healthy. It’s ideal for all woody plants, including roses, shrubs, and trees.

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