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Accessibility Statement for

The DYNOMYCO® website provides the general public with content that is as accessible as possible. We make every effort to implement the accessibility rules in accordance with the principles of the accessibility standards to allow easy and convenient access for site users.

The DYNOMYCO® website is adapted to the accessibility requirements according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Website accessibility is optimized for browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (11+), Edge, Safari

Accessibility tools embedded in the DYNOMYCO® website include:

Font size changes:

  • The accessibility bar allows you to increase and decrease the entire caption on the site
  • You can return to the original font size with the click of another button on the accessibility bar

Change site colors (contrast):

  • “Blunt contrast “- coloring the site in black and highlighting the texts in yellow
  • “Bright contrast” – coloring the site in white and highlighting the texts in black
  • “Grayscale” – displays all site content in shades of gray based on the original color

Navigation using the keyboard:

  • Move forward using the “Tab” key
  • Move backwards using the “Shift”+”Tab” keys

Underline Branding:

  • Marking all links with an underline

Did you encounter a problem with the site?

Please write to us about the problem you encountered with as much detail as possible so that we can address and resolve it quickly.

If you find an error, please send us a description of the problem including:

– The page where you encountered the problem

– The action you were trying to accomplish

– Your browser type and version

– Your computer type and operating system’s type and version

– Type of assistive technology (if used)

You may submit your query via our “Contact Us” page, via email to:,

or call: +972-77-502-0806

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