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Types of Mycorrhiza

Posted by Guy Hyams on

Mycorrhiza is a beneficial relationship between a fungus and the roots of a plant. This symbiotic relationship helps the plant to absorb nutrients and water from the soil more efficiently. In return, the fungus receives carbohydrates from the plant. There are different types of mycorrhiza, each with its specific benefits, such as helping the plant absorb water and nutrients from the soil more effectively and protecting against root pathogens.


Ectomycorrhizae is a type of mycorrhiza that forms a sheath around the roots of plants. This type of mycorrhiza is found in trees such as pines, Douglas firs, and oaks.


Endomycorrhizae penetrates the cell walls of the roots of plants. This type of mycorrhiza is found in plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, and legumes.

Arbuscular Mycorrhizae

Arbuscular mycorrhizae are branched structures that penetrate the cell walls of plant roots. This type of mycorrhiza is found in most plants, including grasses, shrubs, and herbs.

It’s important to use the proper mycorrhizal inoculant for the right type of plant. Mycorrhiza can help your plants grow healthy and strong, but only if the correct inoculant is used and a symbiotic relationship forms. If your garden is lacking in nutrients or you are having a hard time getting your plants to thrive, using Mycorrhizal Root Powder, Rhizobium Leguminosarum, and Legume Inoculant could help.

This inoculant can help your plants absorb more nutrients from the soil, resulting in healthier and stronger plants. It provides you with a natural way to give your plants a boost and help them thrive. If you are looking for a natural way to give your plants a boost, consider using DYNOMYCO®, which is available for purchase on our website.

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